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Estonian Press Council elects Tarmu Tammerk as new chairman

Tallinn, Nov 17, 2005. The Estonian Press Council elected journalist Tarmu Tammerk as its new chairman.

Tammerk has been a member of the self-regulatory body for media complaints for three years.

The new chairman was elected by way of rotation, as the term of office of former chair, editor-in-chief of Tiina Kaalep of Eesti Ekspress weekly, expired.

"The Estonian Press Council has by all means justified its existence," Tammerk said. "It is a viable body of self-regulation which has earned credibility both among news organisations and the general public."

But Tammerk said further activity was needed to raise general awareness of the press council and to promote good journalistic practice.

For the past 15 years, Tammerk has been working in newspapers, radio, news agencies and media NGOs. Currently, he is correspondent in Estonia for Agence France-Presse and hosts a weekly current affairs programme on Estonian Radio.

Tammerk was involved in drafting the Estonian Code of Press Ethics in 1997 and creating the self-regulatory body for the media. He is a trainer in media self-regulation and access to public information both in Estonia and Central and Eastern Europe.

The Estonian Press Council has ten members, six from the media and four from the non-media sectors. Members, who are appointed by the Estonian Newspaper Association, serve a term of two years as a rule.

The Estonian Press Council is a voluntary, non-statutory body for media self-regulation, which handles complaints about material in the press, in public service radio and television, and in Internet portals which have journalistic content.

In 2005, the Press Council handled 42 complaints, plus mediated complaints, which did not require an adjudication from the Press Council.

Further information: Tarmu Tammerk, phone +372 50 15 880,

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